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About us

The Arkib Filem Rakyat collection includes original footage in a wide range of videotape and digital formats such as Betacam, miniDV, DVCam, DVD, Umatic, and Hi-8. This unique collection is preserved and stored offsite in a cool environment.

All the footage is migrated to digital videos and catalogued. The online catalogue will be made available to the general public from March 2023 onwards. This content can be used by researchers, educators, community members, and human rights advocates.

Archival Holdings


of historical raw footage and films, dating primarily from 1993 to today,

54 hours of films directly related to the FreedomFilmFest and Pusat Komas productions.


  • Electoral reforms and election campaigns
  • Workers’ rights movement
  • Indigenous peoples’ movement
  • CSO campaigns: Bersih, Reformasi, Abolish Internal Security Act
  • Key civil society marches and gatherings
  • Urban forced evictions
  • Race relations
  • Local council and townhall sessions
  • Interviews with key activists and political figures


Working with archive experts Joshua Ng and Witness team members Arul Prakash and Yvonne Ng, Arkib Filem Rakyat preserves the original videotape and digital formats and transfers them to digital video.


We are recording information about the raw footage and films using a set of cataloguing rules on the description of the content and their physical holdings.
2022 SEAPAVAA Best Archival Project in the Region Award
Awarded by SEAPAVAA

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